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Things that help me: D-Ribose

Hey there friends!

I hope you are all hanging in there. I have been thinking about it and decided to do a series of posts on supplements and other things that have helped me with my ME/CFS symptoms and general energy crisis. I think I will try and post one once a week. I don’t guarantee they will help you too, but I would say they are worth a shot. Today I want to talk about my favorite supplement, and the first thing that actually helped me with my ME/CFS, D-ribose!


I stumbled upon the idea of D-ribose in the book Fatigued to Fantastic by Dr. Joseph Teitelbaum. As a side note, I highly recommend this book. I was able to mark several pages in it and show them to my primary care physician. As a result my primary care was willing to experiment with me on different treatments Dr. Teitelbaum suggests, including antivirals which help me quite a lot. It also suggested different types of blood tests which have been quite helpful in clarifying different viral infections I might have. Before I was able to find the Bateman Horne Center this was a lifesaver. I needed help, with no way to get it. This book helped me get it. Here is a link to the book on Amazon if you want to look into it more. Its on sale right now for $12.00!

Anyway… back to D-ribose.

In the book (and I am REALLY roughly summarizing here) Dr. T explains how we have an energy crisis in our bodies. There are various cycles our bodies go through to create energy and in ME/CFS patients these processes get bogged down. He believes that when we encounter different kinds of infections like Epstein Barr Virus, our mitochondria become suppressed. When our mitochondria get suppressed a lot of other things tend to happen, like muscle pain, insomnia, hormonal deficiencies, infections, poor heart function, etc.  You know, stuff that we encounter on a daily basis-ha.

He talks about how when he was looking at the biochemistry of energy molecules he noticed to key components, Adenine and D-ribose. He said Adenine is made in abundance in the body and us ME/CFS’ers don’t have to worry about that, but ribose is worth looking into. He says the ME/CFS body tends to dump D-ribose. He conducted a small study giving various patients D-ribose and found that there was an average of 45% of energy after only three weeks of use and typically improvement happened in 12 days.

He recommends 5 grams 3 times per day for three weeks and after that dropped to twice a day.

I thought to myself, why not. So I went to amazon and checked out the reviews. Typically if it doesn’t have reviews specific to ME/CFS then I don’t take it. But D-ribose had an abundance!

I bought it and the first time I tried it I was in a crash. I still hadn’t come to terms with my ME/CFS and pacing, so I had just come home from a bike ride with my husband and was feeling pretty bad. I took this stuff and – not joking- it totally pulled me out of a completely non-functional state to a semi- functional state. I was able to get up and take care of myself for a minute before I needed to lay down again. This was huge! Ever since that day I have been a huge believer in D-ribose and take it almost every day.

A lot of people I have talked to about D-ribose say the one they took gave them some gastrointestinal issues. To this I would ask if they are sure the brand they got was a good one. Many different brands will use laxative fillers that make people very sick. If it makes you sick it might be worth trying a different brand. I can down a cup of the brand I take and nothing happens.

Drum-roll please….. This is the exact D-ribose I take! It’s by Bulk Supplements.

I typically only take it when I am in a crash nowadays, but writing this post has inspired me to start trying to take it more often again. In fact, I think I’m going to go drink some right now!

Okay. Has D-ribose helped you? Do you have any suggestions on how to take D-ribose for maximum results? Let me know!

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