Recommended Supplements

*DISCLAIMER* – We are all different and not everything that works for me will work for you. I have tried HUNDREDS of supplements and I wanted to share the things that have actually helped with the symptoms of ME/ PEM. These are supplements I regularly use. Maybe one of them will help you too. Always speak with your doctor before trying a new supplement or treatment.


    • D-Ribose

Take 500 mg three times daily or in the event of a crash. Check out the reviews for ME/CFS on this one!

    • Protein Amino Acids

One scoop after or before an expected crash

    • Creatine

Add scoop in with protein amino acids

When I know I am going to crash I mix all three of the above ingredients together and have it ready to drink in a water bottle. Amino acids and creatine can cause some water retention so I don’t usually drink those unless I’m in a crash or know I’m going to crash.

    • Coconut water

Drink after a crash. Minerals beef up your blood helping to relieve symptoms of orthostatic intolerance. Also, salt. Have someone make you some air popped popcorn with lots of salt.


    • CoQ10

One capsule a day to

  • D-Ribose

Take 500 mg three times daily to boost heart health


    • Vitron-C

Ferritin Iron supplement

    • Primrose Oil

500 mg once a day on days 1-10 of your cycle. Relieves symptoms of PMS


    • Multivitamin

Two tablespoons every morning. Use the code Liquid10 for 10$ off!!

    • Multimineral

Two tablespoons every night use the code Liquid10 on the Mary Ruth Website for $10.00 off!

  • Multimineral and Multivitamin

  • Omega 3


  • Probiotics

  • Enzymes

  • Betaine with Pepsin

What products do you swear by? Email me!