Photo Restoration

Have you ever seen an old photo and thought, I would really like to see that in color? Or perhaps a beloved photo is discolored, torn, or badly scratched.

Well you are in luck because I do photo restoration and colorization!

Here are my prices:

$15.00 Basic repair- removing scratches, dust, discoloration from small photo

$20.00 Extensive damage repair- removing scratches, dust, discoloration, rips, tears, overexposure, larger photo

$30.00 Damage repair + custom colorization medium to small photo

$35.00 Damage repair + custom colorization large photo multiple people

Email me your photo and I will tell you which option will be best for you. I will email it to you several times during the process with watermarks so you can see progress and give notes. I do ask for a partial down payment and full payment before I release the final product. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! I accept paypal or Venmo.

The better quality photo you can send me, the better the restoration and colorization will turn out. If you are scanning the photo, turn up pixel settings to as high quality as possible. And save the file as a JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. If taking a photo, see if your camera has a camera raw setting. Camera raw captures the most information on the photo.

Email me your photo and let’s get started!

Here are a couple of examples of my work!