Cortene Study

Cortene Trial: Postponed

Hey there, friends!

I have some bad news today. Unfortunately, the Cortene trial has been postponed. Yep. I was told they are changing something with the study and need to get approval from the FDA and the IRB once again before they can move forward. My guess is there was some kind of effect on the first patients who received the medicine and they are re-calibrating. I have been told to continue my protocol, doing the daily symptoms survey and the tests for cognitive function. My exercise stress test was canceled, which I feel a little bit relieved about. They are not sure when they will be able to pick up the study again. It could be weeks, could be months. Knowing the IRB and the FDA… I’m not going to keep my hopes up.

Anyway, they said they would keep me in the loop, I’ll keep you in the loop too.

In the meantime, I have a couple of other posts in the works if you want to keep following me.

As always, be well.


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